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Closing prices

I was just watching the closing prices in the ES market a minute ago and noticed that the last traded price at 16:15:00 was 1252.00 which was also the low of the day just made seconds earlier.

My stats (Timing High/Low of Day) show that the high/low of the day will very likely be in the first or last 15 minute segment of the day but I wonder if there is a further skew within that segment when we get the high/low in that segment. In other words, when the low of the day is in the last 15 minutes of the day, is it more likely to be right at the end of that 15 minute segment or somewhere else? If it is likely to be at the end of that segment then it would be interesting to know if a new low made at the beginning of the segment was broken again and how often. There could be a strategy in here based on just that information.