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ToolPack - LineTool - ZB change

I have made a change to the line positions for the symbol ZB with the LineTool.

The change is at the data end and as such does not require new indicators at your end.

Previously, the pivots were calculated to the exact value and the line was placed at the exact value on the ZB chart. If the exact value fell between (say) 111-03 and 111-04 then the line would be drawn between these two ticks but the value printed with the label would be rounded to the closest tick and would show either 111-03 or 111-04 (whichever rounded closer).

Now, the pivot value picked up by the ZB chart with be pre-rounded which means that the pivot line will be drawn O/N the closest tick to the calculated value.

This was requested by one of the users of the LineTool and I hope that it is a change that all of you will welcome. Of course if this does not improve the LineTool for you then let me know how it can be improved and I’ll look into ways of changing it.