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Pivot-Point Calculator

I am experiencing a problem with the pivot-point calculator. I am seeing the areas of the "Close" and "Input" superimposed as well as the text area below the "S4" with the "S4" data point. I am able to enter the data, but the "Calculate" button is inop. Cox is my ISP and I use their anti-virus software. Pop-ups are allowed on the page. I am not having any problems viewing/using the Fibonnacci calculator. The DeltaT1 page loads but is accompanied by an error message. The message is: Line 2; Char: 7; Error: invalid character; Code: 0; URL: I have no clue. I thank you in advance for any solutions that will allow me to use this tool. Thanks.
For some reason, I don't know if it is because of the Full Moon or because Mercury is retrograde or if because the homerun derby is on ESPN, but tonight the calculator is just fine. Thanks for all your help.
You're welcome. Perhaps there was something cached in your browser that was upsetting it and now the cache has cleared or updated.