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Trading Seminiars vs Personal Mentorships

I don't know about most of you guys but I'm not good learning in a GROUP environment. Have you ever known anyone who was to home schooled? Well they were always the smartest guys I've met. There is something to be said for 1 on 1 mentorships.. or even small groups. I've been to 10+ trading seminars. My trading did not start to turn around until I completed a mentorship in PA with a guru. It was expensive ($5,000) but I'd lost that in one week of trading.

The trading expo's I went to were just a bunch of system vendors trying to grab a few bucks for their product.

I would have to agree with your points. It would be very hard in a large online setting/class to replicate the 1 on 1 personal interaction of working in person with a mentor. There is a big difference between learning about some new indicator or signal, and learning how to make money trading.