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Top Gun charting/software

I am simply curious if anyone has any information or review on Top Gun Trading/charting/software? Thank you in advance.
I have used Top Gun for over a year. No it does not do backtesting, custom indicators, etc, HOWEVER if you want to look at data in almost any configuration it is wonderful. I have the eminis on two screens on one computer running DTN up to 20 windows on each screen, and if you want scanning the stock market for breakouts, etc & loading them as they happen in your charts.

On my other computer also running two screens I have free signal data running forex. I paid for the software, however he lets you use it free now if you use them as a forex clearing firm. Not happy about that but what can you do. Also updates on Signal version ongoing, however DTN version hasn't been updated since I got it, but it is still invaluable.

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