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Fibonacci on the S&P E-Mini's

Email received today:
I'm new to the S&P e-mini.

Do you use the Fibonacci retracement and extensions on the charts when trading?

If so can you direct me to some advanced teachings?

If not, can you advise why not please?

Welcome to trading the E-mini S&P500!

I do not use Fibonacci retracements and extensions when trading because I have not back tested or studied the techniques to use them. There is a Fibonacci Calculator and Fibonacci Retracement and Extension numbers published here so I understand how to create the numbers but I have not investigated how to use them in trading.

The most praise that I have heard/seen for education in trading the E-minis using Fibonacci is for Jim Kane's trading methods which you can find at Kane Trading. Jim also has a moderated public forum here: Kane Trading Forum where he may be able to answer some of your questions.