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Off Topic and Value

Taking a thread off topic in the forum is not necessarily a bad thing. There are some threads that have wandered from their original topic but are still providing traders with value insights and discussions about trading or a related subject. In those cases it is okay to go off topic. Don't feel that you need to stay on topic in these cases.

There is a tiny minority (less than 1%) of members that appear to want to discuss the forum's management in this forum. This forum has not been created to discuss its management. It was created to discuss trading ideas and provide a voice to the trading community on related topics.

This is also not a forum for you to tout your products in an underhand manner. If you represent a product then follow the appropriate posting guidelines in the Advertise Here part of the forum.

It surprises me that I have had to spell this out. This does not concern 99.9% of you but just a tiny minority who get upset when their posts get deleted without warning. Consider this your warning.