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Google's Web Accelerator

You can speed up your surfing experience on the web site by downloading and installing Google's Web Accelerator. A few people are already surfing the web site using this accelerator which means that Google is already caching this data and so your surfing of the site should be much faster with this free product.

At the time of writing this Google had temporarily put this product on hold because I think that it has become too popular. However, if you need a copy of the install program then post your request here and I'll see if I can find one for you.

If you're already using it then please post your comments about the speed increase on this site due to the use of it. Thanks.
The main Web Accelerator page:
does not currently have a link to the download page.

This may change subsequent to the posting of this message. If it has then post a reply here to let us know.
The web accelerator program is currently "full" but may open again in the future.

Is it possible for anyone to source me a copy of the Google Web Accelerator ?

Wouter: I've just emailed you a link to where you can download it.