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bill's trading diary 4/25/07

Woke up real early and took a S 1492 at 6:30 only to exit 50 minutes later for a 3 tick loss.

Second trade was better as the market set up nicely for a bracket trade about 15 seconds before the 8:30 news broke. I placed a buy stop limit at 1493 and a sell stop limit and 1490; the buy was triggered and half the position was sold for 1 point and the balance for a 1 tick loss. In the past, I've had some big winners playing the news, but today it wasn't meant to be.

Third trade, B 1498.50 at 10:16 was a 1 point winner a minute later.

And finally, 1495 was shorted a few minutes before noon and covered 10 minutes later for a point. Then off to the doc's office for the last of the tests for tomorrow's knee operation.