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I am new to this forum, but i have many years of experience in stock market.
I all this years working in the portuguese stock market i have developed one
structured analisys process, that i will leave here the results in a daily basis,
regarding start values in futes and the world most important cross's.
I was thinking about ES (future SPX), NQ(future NDX) and future DAX for FOREX euro and Pound.
In a daily basis, every end of day, i will provide with start values, and the finish values,
will be calculated taking the closing values of that day (this means the finish values will
be calculate some seconds prior to closing time, this is between 21h14(after) and 21h00 on DAX and between 21h30 e 22h on forex.

The final Result will be calculated always at the end of the day.

How about adding YM (mini Dow futures) to your list