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Online Chat Rooms

There are 3 networks of online trading chat rooms that I frequent. They are, in no particular order:
  1. Othernet Financial Network (IRC)

  2. FinancialChat (IRC)

  3. PalTalk

I haven't been to FinancialChat for a long time so using the word "frequent" with FinancialChat is not accurate.

As of writing the message, the most popular channels on Othernet were in order of popularity: #daytraders, #newsroom, #pitstock, #tradingspace, #trade, #patterns, #enthios, #emini, #Mainstreet, #chillman, #constantrisk, #targettraders, #postoftheday, #tradingprofits, #futurestrades

If you want to go straight into the Othernet live chat room without installing any software you can do it from this link:

What other live online chat rooms do traders visit? And how popular are they?

A lot of traders on Hotcomm...

I forgot about Hotcomm. Woodies room is on Hotcomm isn't it? What are the other large or notable rooms on Hotcomm that deal with trading?
John Carter's 'Trade The Markets' is on HotComm, pwd is 'trend'
We have been on Paltalk for 5 years now, they have new software and the platform is very stable (unlike years ago) In the last 8 months I can remember only 1 crash

the room is open and no password is required. look for us at
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