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eSignal Corrections, Insertions, and Deletions

You might receive a message when you start version 10.x of eSignal stating:
eSignal now supports Corrections, Insertions, and Deletions (CIDs) from the exchanges that send them. As a CID comes in Real-time, the Advanced Chart has the ability to update automatically for intraday intervals (excluding tick type intervals). To have this done automatically, choose Yes below.

If you're using formulas scripts (EFS), it may create problems for the CIDs to be automatically applied and you may wish to leave this feature off by choosing No below. If left off, you'll get a message in the cursor window when a CID arrives. To apply it, refresh the chart which will also refresh any applied formulas correctly.

This message will not appear again, but you can change this setting at an time by going to the CID Settings tab found by clicking on File from the main menu and then Preferences.

My suggestion is to select No because I have no idea how this works in real time and what effect it will have on the indicators. It's easy to refresh the chart if you need to and you see the message and you will be able to note the before and after effect on any indicators if you do this manually and can see how signals may have changed as a result of any CID.