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was it NR3 or NR4 inside day?

I've seen you do this twice in the past month, so I'm questioning to discover if I'm mistaken. For ym, you have Fri Nov. 23 listed as a NR3 inside day. It's possible that the same is true for er,es, and/nq, but I trade ym so that's what I'm asking about. YM ranges from Nov 19 thru Nov 23 are: 264, 270, 232, and 169 pts. So doesn't this make Fri an NR4 day rather than NR3?
I believe that you are correct. I'm going to have to look into this in more detail and see why it is reporting this as such. I will post back here when I find the answer.
indy, you were correct, this was happening on rare occasions. The problem has been identified and fixed. You can confirm this by looking at the Archives for YM Z6.