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Crabel- Stretch

I am familiar with Crabels work and am interested in the levels relating to this that are produced on the daily notes section. With many of these markets practically 24 hour, which opening do you use to calculate the stretch? I am particularly interested in currencies, t-bonds , german bunds, and e-minis, ftse and dax.
The continuous contract open is used to calculate the stretch.
So for instance , t-bonds do you take the opening at 5.00pm new york time and the currencies at a similar time? The same with the e-minis, or do you take the open when the cash opens at 09.30 am NY time?
Yes, the former. The opening price that is stated on the same page as the stretch is the open price that is used.
Thanks very much. BTW , excellent site, the daily numbers are very much on the same lines as what i am looking at.. average range, Crabel etc..
You're very welcome, I hope that it makes you more profitable.