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Looking for the *best* software platform

Hey guys, i'm a newbie so bear with me
I've been looking for a nice quick futures trading software platform, and thought i'd ask the experts here. Currently, i've been playing with the GoFutures software, however it has an incredibly poor execution rate. For every 7 trades I try to execute, maybe 1 will go through. Is this the norm in the futures market? I understand if some trades don't go through every now and then, but this seems extreme. Is it because the GoFutures platform is just a terrible choice?
Never tried GoFutures but Ninja Trader does a good job.
Do you currently use NinjaTrader? How many ticks do you generally go for? And how quickly do your orders get executed? Sorry for all the questions!
If you place a limit order with the exchange then the speed of execution is not a question because you are in a queue with all other orders. If it's a market order I find that the order is executed in about half a second to a second.
If you day trade or scalping Ninja Trader is the best so far and is free to SIM
i'm new too. who provides ninja trader, what is sim?
Originally posted by Kamsin

i'm new too. who provides ninja trader, what is sim?

Ninja Trader
Sim is short for simulated trading or paper trader - trading with "play" non-real money. Every new trader should do it until they are profitable under simulated trading and before trading their real cash.