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Camarilla C?

I am a bit new to this and was looking at the Pivots with "Camarilla" with interest. I wanted to know how the figures were accomplished and as such need to know what "C" is supossed to be in the callculation "R1 = C + RANGE * 1.1/12" can anyone help?
C is the Closing price.
Thanks very much for that. I did think it was "Close" but I couldn't work out how the figure works out for the resistance levels.

To take an example as R1 = C + RANGE * 1.1/12
if we look at the FTSE for today 24th April
if C for the 23rd = 6087 and the range was low 5987 and high 6104 (range 117)
R1 = C + RANGE * 1.1/12 is

6087 + 117 *1.1 / 12 = 568.7! but in fact is listed 6097.8!

So I dont get it
In mathematics the multiplication and division take precedence over the addition. So the steps are:
117 * 1.1 = A
A / 12 = B
6087 + B = 6097.8
Well they say you learn a new thing every day and I certainly have!
Many thanks for your help
You're very welcome.