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Calculating an opening call

Hi there was hoping someone could give me some advice I am starting to trade the eurostoxx on a spreadbetting account, and wanted to calculate an opening call for the index rather than rely on theirs, can anyone advise me on how to do this please??
Learningthehardway: Does the Eurostoxx that you trade open before the spread-betting companies open their quotes? If so, their price will be based on a premium or discount to the before-market-price of the electronic future. If not, then they will still based their opening price on some other market that is currently open but acts as a very close proxy to the market that they're quoting an opening price for.

Another way to get an idea if their opening price is out-of-wack is to compare it to the prices of the other spread betting companies and/or do an average of all their opening prices.

Hope that helps.
By the way, which spread-betting company are you using?