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Editing posts

Again, I would like access to the edit option in the trading strategy section to edit a few typos in my posts. If this is a problem I'ld like to know why.

The forum software doesn't allow individual edit rights to historic posts. It's an all or nothing option. The edit option is disabled to protect the integrity of the forum.
Makes sense. Doesn't help my case much for posting when I should be sleeping but a decent feature nevertheless.

Thanks for the prompt reply.
SPQR After you post and you notice your typo you have a time-window in which to edit. day trading can tell you how long...
It's set to 1 hour.
You may not be aware then. It's set to 1 minute. Were it an hour it wouldn't be an issue.
You're correct. In the Trading Strategies and Setups part of the forum it's set to 1 minute. The rest (I believe) are set to 1 hour.