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SOLD 1273.75,5 POINT STOP.Ill sell more at 1277.00
Originally posted by CharterJoe

Is the ES closesd on monday?

Doesn't make any difference; after all the charts you, SPQR & BruceM
posted I'll be studying all week'end
covering at 1282.50,if hit this thing is strong and i dont want to give any back.
excellant day. Up 8.25 handles today... 10 75 for the week... Hey JOE, you holding overnite on your long?
We traded within one tick of this weeks high so far today. No kool, I bailed at 83.
good idea probably, cause were entering a tme zone between now and next wed. that would be an ideal spot for the market to peak. Im done for the day , see ya thurs.Great trade , Joe
Have a good one kool, see you thursday.
I made my money last night. You'll note I could have caught every tick of this move, but for reasons aforementioned I didn't want to risk a 30 point drop in the blink of an eye.

Nice calls, but wreckless.

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Nice trades SPQR