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Stopped out breakeven on a short from 1274.50, so i tried again at 1278.00. covered at 1277.00.Had to cover because my charts went down! Unfortunately, this trade was only 2 es so im still starting the week down 13!...sheesh
Short @ 59....were at the upper end of a range on the five min.
Covered @ (55.75) VWAP (55.5) +3.25
I am still looking for longs in the 41-43 area to carry to 67 area, maybe better to dump it at the 60-61 that area has been critical of late. But I am not so sure its going back to 43, I can enter there with a nice tight Stop and reverse if it trades below 42.5 i.e. Fridays VAH so that way its easier to trade larger lots.
Shorting some @ 61 (sq of nine #)
Lost some on that one, I figured on a late day rally. I should have reversed