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Well, here we are exactly where we are supposed to be. As per my posts the last several weeks i expected a panic low around the 15th, 1210-1211 or the other number i gave 1177. im long 2 es at 1177 and holding over nite. The news all day was horrible , even scary. the vix got over 30, and my downside number has been achieved. I went 100% my 401k at the close today.Is this a significant bottom? ALLthe pieces seem in place, but a rate cut by the fed would help. Time will tell.
buying 1269.50
selling 2 @1280.50
stopped 3 point loss (ea.)sold again ...1284.00 3 point stop....up 15 so far
will cover 1281.00
out 1282.50, .. willsell 1289 area also
ordeer to sell 2 @1291.25 3.5 stop
on the longer term picture, note the nas outperforming and up.Very bullish for my longer term out look.
sigh.... missed by 3 ticks...order cancelled
selling 2@ 1191.50
covering 1287.50
Hit 1217 exactly as it should have, gotta go 2 work, see ya manana!