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This has been one crazy week.Vix closed over 30 yesterday. Ticks were at extremes. However, before we get too giddy, be aware that a retest of the low would be expected at some point.Personally , i would rather see that sooner instead of say, Oct. Having said that i repeat that all the pieces are in place for a tradable, even significant rally. Vol., VIX,a/d, all say so. IN the meantime , caution is the buzzword because of the extreme volitility. Very tough to trade. Good luck all!
buying one only 1292.50
filled at 1293.00, just a small scalp buy.plan to cover 1296.25 or so
MY ideal buy is around 1186.00, good positive divergencies would arise on the 5 min,and 15min. charts on a rally from there. playing this one with a tight 2 point stop.
stopped at 1191, down 2 handles.Note above entry post . Iwas going to exit 1196.25 or so, we hit 1196.00 as i was typing so i missed getting out. sheeeese!
order to buy 2 @ 1184.50
wow, turned on a dime at my 'ideal' buy (see above post.)Order cancelled.
order to buy 2@ 1188.25.Order to sell 2@ 1203.25
buying 2@ 1191.00, cancelling 1188.25 order.
shorterm cycle low around 11:00, high around 1:00 today . long 2 3 point stop, exiting at entry if possible..... out 1191.00
LVA is 78.0 and 50% IB extension is 78.5
What a day!