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GLOBEX 09-23-08

short one from 1211.25, covering here
out at 1210.00, plus 1.25....
order in to sell 1213.75
ORDER filled,3 point stop
Holy crap, stepped out for coffee, when i came back i was going to cancel my order but i got hit .. covering
out at 5.25, up 6.5 for the day
Nice job
Numbers i am watching today. 1198, 1184, and 1172. My outlook expressed in market analysis thread have not changed at all. If we get to the 1150-1175 level, i will probably buy a call option. Remember, i warned about the 800 plus ticks on the nyse close? Bada bing once again. This is the third time ive made this call since joining this forum.As i have stated many times this indicates a significant decline within 2 trading days.
order to sell(1) @ 1213.25
exiting around 1210 or so
bailing here
Margie, go to es thread.