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Globex 10-15-08

Crazy day, lucky to escape with my shirt . Current short term proj. is 1000.25-50.
expecting a temp. low around 8:25 (i hope)
stopped out... up 5.5 now
buying 978.50
before ppi report?

long one at 978.50, 3.5 stop
It's a dip. I'm a harley-hog paid-in-full in the hole already. But I'm in it to win it or blow my account. I've been neck-high in stuff you couldn't fathom imagining let alone believing and I'm ready to make a 1/4 mil or walk the earth like Cain.

All or bust.

No stops.
stop and reverse at 975.00, putting a 4 point stop on the short
dam, last nites profits gone in a heart beat! minus 2 on the session, looking to sell
man if u r losing what will happen to us
LOL,days not over yet, pal!
bad news all over the place