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Globex 10-28-08

im selling this area
short a couple from 830.00, 2 point stop
wow, was going to cover 828.50, but didnt have my order in yet on that spike!, I may pay dearly for that!
bingo! patience finally rewarded! out at 828.50, plus 1.5 twice up 3.0 on the session
getting ready for work, c ya in the am!
nice bounce we got here..

827 to 877

short one from 869.00, 4 point stop
ill be covering the 5 min avg(865.25) or actually just above at 866.25
wow, that was quick, 3 ..up 6 on the day. After a mild bounce i wonder if we continue down to 859
5 min chart says 859.00, hourly says 856... time will tell