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ES 11-04-08

Morning gang! Hey Akola, go back to the globex thread and youll see the explaination of your last trade! page 4 and 5!
order in to buy at 987.50 hit once , but no fill! (yet)
man u r unlucky today kool

10 pt move before big run then 92 miss and now 87 lol
my only chance now is a little low around 3:04
LOL, i know ! so close!
The hourly chart actually gives 86.50 so there is a chance still, though admittedly the longer the time the more inaccurate.
bingo@ 986.50!
Turn now!
long one from 987.50, if she carries to 984.50 im dead meat!
nice grab there blue
i should cover at the bare minimum proj at 990 , but i got a feeling!
remember , use price proj. cycles and the tech indicators! The tendancy is just to rely on cycles, or just rely on proj. and thatll work a lot ... but not always!