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High Volume I'm NOT using on Wednesday

I'm taking a breather and a head start on the long weekend. If I was trading on Wednesday I'd be using the same numbers from today.

Further on the upside I have

891- 893.50



On the down side we have that 817 - 820 which should be a cool one.


I'm a fairly lucky person. Meaning I have my health, a career I like and a good family. I also want to take a moment to give "thanks" to this forum and all it's contributors. I appreciate the time and energy that you folks give to your posts and your selfless attitude toward helping others.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it
and enjoy being with your families and/or your time away from the markets.

Thanks Bruce

I hope you and everyone else on this forum has a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Thanks Bruce and everyone else on the forum. You are a great bunch of people and I'm proud to be your friends.