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ES 1-2-09

GOOD MORNING AND HAPPY 09! order to sell one only at 905.00
dam, i know they hit me when i was posting and my order was in ,but no fill!
got one now tho... stop at 927.50
well they got the 9000
...out +.5 -- not moving down quickly enough!
crude having nice day...and look at the yen!...surely carry trades not back
ttech going to score half a hundred today
s @ 26
covering 924.00
1 off 24
out 924.00,plus 1.5 on 2 ..up 16 and done so i can watch the game... boring day ,really
Hi Kool. Interesting method of time and price.

I was wondering if you do use your cycle/price method for trading with the trend, and how do you climb on board in those cases. Or maybe today was unusual day for going against the trend?.