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ES 1-14-09

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Did anybody catch this dandy last night!
no Vo but I'm trying to catch an upside dandy long from!
well im in @ 46.25 bruce...heres to hoping!
cool Vo I got 41.75 too......I'm not adding untill I see what happens on the hour range...hopefully no more target 854 at least
AHAHA...I added 41 and not liking it
37.50 was my final add.....this longer term unless it rolls over AGAIN from down here
added 36
this one might hurt to see the 41 restest to pair out some....
don't lik ethe way the current low looks..they're gonna run it far my experiments with longer term stuff is not easy.......
Originally posted by Maria

Nice charts that hit the spots ptemini. How do you trade them?


That is a short at the 261.8 Fibonacci extension level (845.75).