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Trader Tax

Click here: Tell Congress to Block the Trader Tax | NA | NA
I do not agree.
Trader taxes are fair.
In Switzerland I pay $US 25 tax per trade.
No one complains.
To canwest:

Where you come from people pay the equivalent of $9.00 + per US gallon for gas - people evidently don't complain about that either. You can explain your circumstances all you like, but you have no place "disagreeing" about a topic to which you are not a party to, and have no say in.
I feel for you guys. If they want to tax, the government will have to bear your losses as well.
No BS here. This is a serious threat to you and me. Please click on the link and write your Congressman/Senator. Clicking the link makes it almost automatic. The letter in the petition is very reasoned, and presented in a mature argument.
No vile language or silly "vote you out of office" threats in that link.

I emailed my trading friends, even my broker, to get them on board.
Help yourself and do this.
mm nice topic.. Isnt the taxes in importing is unfair?
I've locked this topic because this is already being discussed here: Trader's Tax H.R. 1068 in Congress