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Selling the 9+ pt rally

Nice rally enjoyed by all I hope. But things must end sometime, lol. The attached chart shows an opportunity to sell this rally. I hope you find this of value.

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Thats RSI right? Thats my fav. indicator so much to do with it, what time frame is the longer term TF?
Yes, all 3 are 7prd smoothed RSIs. The 3 TFs are:
87tick (multiple of 3)
435tck (multiple of 5 of mid)
BTW, I read your post on trading the breakout from 1st 30min bar during RTH. Very interesting!!
Would it be feasible for me to email you regarding this approach?
Thanks for your interest.
By all means, go ahead. I want to help other traders any way I can.
Most people don't like to share, not me it really helps to bounce ideas
I have been using RSI 30 min RTH for sometime now and am really pleased with it. Its really magical to get oversold
readings in the 30 min then 377 Tick (fibbo) and then 144 Tick (fibbo)