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Free Charts 4613

Can anyone recommend a free charting website where I can look up Bonds (10yr&30yr) Oil and Gold. Nothing fancy just where I could see a daily chart and maybe draw some trend lines.

With the charting package I have now I can't access these.

You can do that at
Thanx DT!
Hi Myptofvu, also has free charts. I paste these into my spreadsheet prg and draw the lines there.

If you want a java version (whenyou move the mouse over the chart you get HLOC data then you register at

and you get a freeworkspace and a few more choices of technical indicators
look under US index.
Futuresource is very good, and they have 10-min delayed Charts, going down to the 5-min timeframe.

Another of my favorites is TFC Futures Charts --

They also have Stock Charts --

And Forex Charts --

Good Trading
I use . is nice, but it can't do futures markets, although it can do forex and ETF's which gives you a good proxy to the corresponding futures markets.