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Ninjatrader crashing? You need 64bit

I got this from another forum.

The hack requires:
- Expert technical knowledge
- Visual Studio installed
- x64 version of Windows
- Your understanding it is not supported at all

0. Backup your ninjatrader.exe first.
1. Start menu -> Visual Studio group -> Visual Studio Command Prompt.
2. cd <NT install folder, ie c:\program files x86\ninjatrader 6.5> \bin
3. editbin /largeaddressaware NinjaTrader.exe


0. Backup your ninjatrader.exe by copying it elsewhere
1. Replace it with the hacked ninjatrader.exe that I have uploaded to the my ftp server. Same as the one with Paul Tudor Jones video.

Download your relevant version either .10 or .11

Please understand that there is NO SUPPORT but I am using it on my 64bit Vista and it can take quite a lot of Charts.