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Pivot Points


Two questions:

1. I find that your Classic numbers for R3/S3 and R4/S4 come up different than a handful of the other Calculators on the internet. Any help explaining why this would be, would be appreciated.

2. I am trying to input your formula's into my own Excell spreadsheet. I am somehow making a mistake typing in your Camarilla formula's. I'm not understanding how to type "C=RANGE*1.1/12" into an Excell spreadsheet. Could you explain that formula? What is "1.1/12", "1.1/6" and "1.1/4" ?

You have done a great thing with you efforts.

Thank you,

Originally posted by iso

Hi guys,

In the demark equation, is O = previous open or todays open?


- iso

I believe that it is the previous open.