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ES S/R Map for 11-9-09

Here's what I've got for price action S/R levels coming into Monday. Viewed multiple time-frame charts but have this drawn on the 60 minute. As always, each price is a "zone" with a few ticks above and below as the "area." Have an actual "zone" drawn in that is WIDE from the 1069-1072 area where both individual prices are pretty solid but feel this will function as a zone. Obviously I prefer something no more than a couple ticks or so to each side of the line/price I've drawn in. But in this case (and based on others analysis) I think it appropriate to present it that way on the chart fwiw.

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As always, encourage all to post any feedback and analysis!
so far today no 30 minute bar has traded below the low of any other bar..haven't seen that in a while