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ES 11-17-09

WELL, I just woke up. Typical wave 4 mish-mash consolidation. Just as expected. The only surprise to me is , they still havent hit my 1098 number yet.
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The boredom continues.. i have a gtc order to buy 1098.50. Isuppose a buy scalp could be attempted right here around 1105.00-25, but im going to get some lunch.. back soon...
If anybody bought that 1105.00 as i suggested...dont get greedy! Look to take about 3 handles.
Theres your 1108 level, you should have now booked 3 handles!...
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I'll try a buy scalp at 1106.25..not the best risk here , but im bored!....
Nothing to report... mish-mash conyinues,...but that portends a fun day tomorrow!

what a crappy day. finding it very confusing. most projections never reached.

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Exiting here..1107.25 ..ill take my 2 handles and run! I hate trading the end of the day anyway...C

ya tomorrow!