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ES 11-18-09

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And yes i have a possible low at 14:54
well at least I have the projections right. lol
buy limit 1103.50
im trying 1102.50
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out +3 handles (1.5 per contract)

GREAT CALL O/N THAT 1103, Einstein...and a grat scalp!!
Owe it all to you, Kool. Your willingness to teach is awesome. Much appreciated I assure you.
Trying to keep it simple but I am still undecided whether to pull the trigger (like I did on last trade) or wait for comfirmation of a reversal on the 1 min.before entering.
Personal preference and risk tolerance , i suppose. persoally , i like your trade . you had the 1.618 at 1103.50 and a possible low around there and a triangle type pattern that looked to be nearing completion. Well done!
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P S : and bingo on 1107.00!