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holiday tumble volume numbers

Besides the obvious highs and lows these are the areas that are attracting volume in the overnight holiday trade


1078 - 1080


Seems that whoever is driving this volume is trying to push it 8 - 10 points away from volume spikes so we can establish targets from those.....further downside for example would go 8 - 10 points below the 68.78 number which gest us close to a volume magnet down near 1061... personally I favor longs if this 78 area can hold
I track (record in a spreadsheet) daily numbers including HLOC for RTH.

I am debating about the merits of including Friday's shortened trading session, and the impact on ATR CCI and other calculations.

Any thoughts on its inclusion or not?
I say include it because we don't want to include discretion if we are using indicators. As long as a RTH session is open we should include it. Just my two cents as I don't use indicators but follow the previous highs and lows and volume numbers.