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ES 12-02-09

Happy full moon day!...LOL....
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Did they just one tick my ass? Ive gone this far im sticking with the plan... exit early? at 1108.25
Cmon! Push!.. Push it real good!
Those doggone mini peaks are killing me.. and because it could be 7 waves up ,very short term i just wussed out at 1107.25... sigh . Lotta sweat for little gain! But i guess a win is a win.. plus 1 there up 6.5 on the day and waiting to possibly sell around 1109.50 (Man.. i need a drink!)
would you look at that! @!$!$@#$
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Time to review... daily cycles had today as a peak, but only for a day or so. The best guess at wave stucture had 1103 and change as a likely wave 4 target.. we hit 1104.25 (so far ).. i was looking for 1108.75 to 1109.50 on this rebound , we got 1108.75 dead nuts and 7 wave trend killer on the very short term one min chart. All in all some pretty good calls. Now if the top (short term ) and daily cycle are in, then a decline to 1101, then 1097-98 and possibly 1094 could be in the cards. But its also possible we still go up to that 1117.50-1119 or higher that i was really expecting.. time will tell. Thats it for me today, i want to hang on to my 6.5 handles.. good trading all!

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