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USDCHF 2-12-10

Kools Tools in action. Scroll left to see the targets.

This is the daily chart. Getting the hang of this daily chart trading. Just use a mini lot(0.1) or micro lot(0.01).

Use huge stops, huge targets and let it run for a few days or weeks.

Looking at the symmetry of the bowl shape, approximately 3 months from the low(11-26-09) to the current high. Left of that low is approximately 3 month.

Found another likely fib extension for a bounce is 141.4% Seems to happen quite a number of times before it moves for the 161.8% extension.

Currently short on this pair. 1 lot. Taking half off at 1.0585 and the last half at 1.0407.

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eurchf 2 12 10 daily