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question of targets and OSO?

HI Everyone,

I was trying to decode this video
and listened to it for his targets.
He seemed to say:
based on the action of the dollar etc he was planning to go long, but he wanted the market to "prove itself" (via pushing through the recent high).
His strategy:
Buy-on-stop at one tick above high (buy the breakout) 1101.25+0.25=1101.50
(His target will clicking looks like 1103 yet later he says 1:1 risk:Reward ratio.? would this mean 1106.50??)
Sell-on-stop 1098.50-0.25=1098.25

The screen snaps show a lower (than 1106.50) sell limit - it looks like 1103 (in red).

My questions are:
1. Is he just clicking away and it doesn't mean anything?
2. What is Attach OSO?
Click image for original size
Screensnaps from video clip