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ES short term trading

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Calendar... 4/6 kools tools daily peak (very small cycle). 4/14 the next moon. 4/15 the next 12 day low.
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1177 possible
Hey Kool ..I faded the 1187.50 based on your work and the R2 number so thanks...I all I need is the 84 area and the 81.50.....long way off and it's late ..could take days at this rate...what a dull market!
84.75 filled in the air pockets...thanks for the confluence Koolio!!

Nice how YM couldn't even get out of yesterdays highs
Kool, you've got a hell of a crystal ball stuffed up there in your noggin'! As Bruce mentioned his take on your analysis, I always look at your levels/projections as confluence of "significant" significance. Great work bro!

Keep it coming!
Thanks guys, painting the house this week , so i wasnt able to trade except early , but i'll have more time as the week goes on! Also, hope everyone continues to post their analysis or outlooks as i always learn a lot from each of you.Anything relevent to short term trades or setups is welcome!
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yea!!! What they said Kool

You got my vote
Thanks Kool!