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May 14 Hi Lo

Hi: 1154 or 1157...above 1159.00

Lo: 1144.25 or 1139/37

1137.00 is 50% from 1216.75-1057.50.

No daily close below 1139.75/1140.

Still long on at 1147.50. Will buy lower at 1139/1137 area.
I'm still long and have bought more at 37/38 area.

It's critical there is NO 15 minute close below 1135.75.

I reversed at 1133.50 and out at 1128.75.

Long at 1126.75. 1135.75, 1138.25, 1141.25, 1144.25 numbers above. 1146.75 is 50% retrace from 1169 area.

Most important number is 1135.75.

Below 1124 is 1116, 1112.50 and 1104. should not go below 1101.

Today's Hi-lo wrong.

May 18/19 if low area should produce move up till July 15 to 1320/1275 area.

Out of short from 1133 at 1126.25

Long at 1126.25....the true test is move past 1135.75.

Numbers below 1124 you know but be careful of fake outs.

The daily triangle has an upside target of 1320 and a downside target of 990 area.

1176.75 was the number 2 pt ( oops I forgot) on the 1-2-3 daily.

1147.50/1148 and 1127.25 are important numbers...go back and check the Jan 10-21 high and low numbers.

Out of gold at loss of 1199.40 a while back. Short and long many...but long term postion trading move up is coffee to 180 by July/August and then to 250-316 by July 2011, if I'm correct. I hedge all of my long term position trades with an opposing option at the strike price of slighty OTM. Too many trades, not enuf, time, money or attention.

So slip up on ES now and then.