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Crude oil 8-02-10

Last week i laid out the case for a rally possibly to the 82.60 area. I still feel as though oil is way overpriced up here , based on fundamentals. On the short term im expecting some resistance at 72.62-72.65...
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but not today so far .....

Originally posted by prestwickdrive

looks like the 20 ma wants to cross the 50 ma on the 1 min which some look at as a sell trigger
8155-8145 >>> 8129
first down projection hit today - maybe sentiment is changing

Originally posted by prestwickdrive

8155-8145 >>> 8129
this 5 min bar is the cycle low i mentioned...
Bingo! does she want 80.98-81.00? or even 80.87?
that was an amazing fill!... must have hit it hard!
good one KB. I took .12 but got out .18
yeah, im thinking of bailing too!
8110-8130 >>> 8162 which matches 7883-7990 >>> 8163 pretty well
it is just so extended though
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