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Oil Trading Academy

Did anyone bought the Oil Trading Academy videos ?
Are these worth the $400 asked ?


I can't speak to the Black Jack or Oil courses, but I made a bundle trading the Free Masons Market!

Thanks David for cracking their code!

A google map of the address shows David lives in a huge apartment complex near the interstate...not the typical abode of a successful oil trader.


Well this is a good idea. I do not trade from where I live. My home is away from my trade desk. Got to have some privacy. To many nosy peeps on the internet.
Originally posted by day trading

It looks like Big Mike Trading is in big trouble...

To David's credit I have learned how to file an FBI complaint which I never knew how to do before.

Yeah, I did not know you could do this online. I hope there will be some follow-up. Or else it's cheap bluffing that may backfire.