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ES short term trading 9-30-10

Key resistance up here at 47.75 - 50....short now...reports at 10 and a different open today in day session...monitoring for break out
our old pal 41.50 getting the 43.50 would make it a perfect day
the 41.50 was just at about 50% back on the day too

edit: incorrect...can't read lines well
Hey I'm plugging this thread here...

I'd like to see some more feedback and more hits there...personally it would make it worthwhile to get those ideas voted up if they are useful. We do this for free and are not compensated for it. A little ego stroking goes a long way...and if you hate them then vote them down......excercise your ability to provide feedback......Either by voting or comments.....! is a shot of that gap that caused me to cover shorts way to goes on the radar though...didn't want ya to think I forgot about you....or that gap!!!!!
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