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Development help needed

I need some help … not trading related … rather software development related.

I want my automated trading system to send “text messages” to another application. I did Google “send keyboard keys to another application”, I found this Microsoft MSDN article : which includes examples in VisualBasic, C#, C++ (although I did not recognize this C++ source code, but it could weel be my C++ is dated). Anyway, I don’t have any recent Microsoft development tools, nor knowledge, so I need some help with this.

How I see things : my ATS will place the “text messages” in a file. A little piece of software to be written will look for that file, if present will read the text message, bring the other application to the front, send it the “text message”, journal that action, delete the input file, and start over again.

Thanks in advance,
help no longer needed :)