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ES short term trading 12-20-10

Selling at 43.50 ......good chance for at least 39 - 40 retest...but this will be on a time we need to get back there in the first 45 minutes of RTH...will watch official open print for 1/2 gap fill

If these two targets don't hit in the first 45 minutes then we have the potential to trend higher as a trend day today....we know the 50 RAT looms above

Key for me as far as price action will be a hold ABOVE 44.50 as that is R2 and current O/N high and if that happens then this short will lose
oh yeah, LV will leave trips all over and as targets they aren't as valid but if we see low volume in general than we can assume that mean reversion may take the trips just confirm what we already know..
45 - 47 is key Resistence in O/N...hitting that now!!