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insyte journal may2011

holding es short from 1343.50 for overnight trade. S/L at 1349.50. Target 1338.50. one contract.
moving s/l to 1344.
position closed @1344 for 1/2 point loss
perky morning mrakets today. placed a working short at 1349.5. If triggered, S/L @ 1354. Target 1346.5.
Holding ES short at 1349.50 now.
closing 1/ position @1348.59 for a 1 pt. profit. oving S/L down to 1352.50.
closing another 1/3 positiion at 1347.25.
closed the balance of the position at 1346.5 for an average of 2 pts. per contract profit. Flat now.
buying @ 1344.50. When it triggers, S/L@ 1340.50
Canceling the above trade. Placing a short at 1354.5. When trigerred, S/L @ 1359.
Possibility of market chopping without any trend in a 4 point range for the rest of the day.
or by at 1344.5 to tgt 1347.5