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Rotation Factor Spreadsheet

Rotation Factor Spreadsheet

The Rotation Factor spreadsheet will help you keep track of Rotation Factors (also known as Split Counts) during the day.

Just clear out the highs and lows at the beginning of each day and then fill them in as the day develops.

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Most charting packages allow you to export data and so this will make your calculating of the split counts using this spreadsheet much quicker. Just do the following.

1. Change you chart to a 30 minute chart.
2. Find out how your charting program exports data. For example, on esignal, right click the Advanced Chart from 1. above and select (from the menu) Tools -> Data Export...
3. From the spreadsheet dialog that opens in 2. select just the High and Low data for today and then click the Copy To Clipboard button.
4. Now go back to the spreadsheet and just past the highs and lows into the appropriate column using Ctrl+V and there you have it.